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This is mostly a project for me to practice my writing and critical thinking now that I am out of school. While I'm looking for myself, I'm working part-time at blockbuster (and hopefully elsewhere soon) which gives me access to a lot of movies.

Hopefully I can retain my slightly cynical state of mind and go back to being critical of everything. (There was a time when friends couldn't tell if I liked a movie because I'd tear it apart regardless.) Lately, I've had a tendency to enjoy anything.

I also have a soft spot for romantic comedies and tend to forgive them all their faults. I'm a romantic sap at heart. Despite the fact I'm a cynic apparently.

I also tend to hate action movies. Running around and shooting things... I care why? But, I do love Indiana Jones, so I think its just that most action movies have really bad actors and no script.

I also hate slapstick comedy.

The name "Keeping it Reel" was provided by one Lagos. (Who I don't know, but that's ok.)

also, I need icons. 3, to be exact as that is how many i can have for free.

If anyone wants to create an interesting, movie-themed layout, let me know.

The opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone and don't necessarily reflect those of anyone else who reads these entries or even who posts. (though for now, I'm mostly talking to myself)

That is all for now. Hopefully this will go well.

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