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Happy Feet: a cute kids movie or something darkers? 
3rd-Dec-2006 12:10 am
Now, the previews for this movie have made it look like a very cute, happy kid-friendly movie full of music, dancing, hijinks and maybe even some romance thrown in. If this is the movie you want to see and you want just go relax and see a feel good family movie, I have a recommendation: Leave after the first 30 minutes. Watch the first 30 minutes, then pack up your belongings, put on your coat and run. Now, if you don't want to sit and watch the clock, I'll give you an idea of which scene should be your last.

Our friend the penguin, Mumble, sets out on a journey, he has to prove himself. Personally, I say leave before the journey. Unless you want to stay for the looks of horror on the faces of small children near you as the screen goes black in the middle of an ice and snow storm. If you do, then stay for the journey, but be prepared to run quickly when Mumbles and his friends escape the wales. From there, run run as fast as you can.

Or stay.

Reasons you might want to stay.
1) You like being hit over the head that the state of the environment and world is rapidly declining and we really, really need to start worrying about the fish in the ecosystem and well, stop research in habitats and, of course, stop eating meat.
2) YOu like being beaten over the head with the fact that all christians who worship the great "guin" are narrow minded fools who will bring about the desctruction of the nation and ban all pagan hippity hoppers.
3) You like being beaten over the head with the stereotype that "hippity hop" music is the work of the devil....


The second half or 3/4s of the movie is very clearly written with A POINT and you are the captive audience and therefore you will listen to THE POINT.

And what is THE POINT?

Well, the point that I got is that pagans are cool, hippity hop dancers who are misunderstood and shunned by society. But in the end, the world will be saved by a cute, fuzzy misfit pagan with smooth moves. he'll bring the world to his side by dancing his way into their hearts. And once he saves the world, the stuffy christians will be proved wrong and will all become pagan hippity hop dancers.

Now, if you don't believe, watch the movie for yourself.

If you do, I'll give you a list of things you should look for:
1) the dead egg. And the very glaring fact that mumble is NOT AN EMPEROR PENGUIN. He's not. at all... And NO ONE NOTICES.
2) The stereotyped Southern Christian parents, particularly the father who tells his son to give up his wrong thoughts and ways because that sinfulness is why there aren't any more fish...
3) the fact that all the penguins blame the lack of fish on the anger of the great "guin" who gives and takes away, and has clearly taken away because one of the penguins has turned to evil thoughts. (This is actually one of the best scenes because the head penguin tells Mumble that it's his "pagan hippity hop dancing" that has brought the end of the fish supply.)
4) the not-so-subtle pollution commentary.
5) The continued over the top christianity commentary.
6) The entire hour about the ecosystem. With focus on the comments they let into the movie "why should we stop fishing. it's just a penguin..."

Now all of that being said. The movie did give me a great phrase....


made me want to be....


On a serious note though, it could've been a great movie. They just needed to tone down the commentary and stick to the kiddie movie plot with subtle references.

This has convinced me that i hate penguin movies. And that barring Mr. Flibble's role in Red Dwarf, I will stay far far away from anything with a penguin movie in the future...

Now, off to practice my dance moves.
16th-Dec-2006 08:51 pm (UTC) - Terrible
Garbage. Drivel.
[FTM: Happy Feet: Not So Happy] (http://fromthemorning.blogspot.com/2006/12/happy-feet.html)
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